Losing weight and staying fit is not that easy for everyone. Some people struggle with doing everyday exercises because it is a hassle for them to go to the gym or attend fitness classes. A lot of health experts say that in order to successfully lose weight, you must find that one activity you enjoy doing. Why not start with something simple like biking?


Here are some of the many health benefits of biking:

  • It takes you places. The number one reason why some people hate the gym is because of its monotonous environment. At some point, you get bored of the surroundings and just stop going there. This does not happen with biking. As you start your biking experience, the more you will enjoy the places you can visit. You will realize how much you appreciate the surroundings you have probably taken for granted before.
  • Burn calories. While you are traveling using your bike, you are also burning calories. A relaxing bike ride can help you burn over 200 calories per hour. That is 100 more calories than walking.
  • Easy on the joints. Running can be high-impact and cause join pain. However, biking is a good way to lose weight without putting too much pressure on your knees and ankles. It is a good exercise to move your legs while being kind to your knees. It is a low impact exercise that is also a good cardio.
  • Bike friendly cities. Biking is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Because of this, more and more locations are becoming bike-safe towns and locations. A lot of major cities in the world have already created bike lanes for tourists and citizens.

Most people think of cycling as an alternative way to commute or go around the city. While it is indeed an effective means of transportation, biking is also an activity you can enjoy even when you are not headed to a particular location. You can simply ride your bike and let it take you wherever you feel like. Aside from enjoying the view, you are exercising and helping your body build muscles. Need a little pick-me-up for your ride? Don’t forget your serving of NO Max Shred for your exercise ride.