One of the biggest questions in about developing larger muscles is if sex gets in the way? The truth is, it does not. Here are two facts to consider.

Sex and Muscle Gain

1. Peak libido means that there is a high amount of testosterone produced. When people have sex, their libido is very high. An active libido is also an indication that testosterone levels are high. High testosterone is a sign that the body can develop big muscles fast. The greater the amount of testosterone present, the faster you can grow your muscles in size.

2. Low-stress levels are good for building big muscles. Having sex releases a lot of the pent up stress that you may not even know that you have hiding. Once the pressure is released, you feel relaxed and have a more stable mind to support a strong body.

These are the factors that show the effects of sex on a person’s ability to grow muscles. There is no question about it that one can only build big muscles through hard work and training. Sex is one of those things that support the capacity to work out. Once testosterone count is up, growing, bigger muscles will be easy. Once you have released your stress, you can hit the gym because your muscles and your mind are relaxed.