Many men sweat away at the gym to try and achieve a brawny, well-defined physique. But getting that type of body – one with chiseled abs and deltoids and bulging muscle fibers in the forearms – requires intensive training and a drastic decrease in body fat. One key to building lean muscle mass is to reduce your intake of simple carbohydrates and increase your protein intake. If you are already bulky, try decreasing your body fat, but if you are coming from the skinny side, focus on bulk-training programs with limited carbohydrates.

Ways to Increase Muscle Definitions

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The following are some tips that will help you achieve well-defined muscles:

  • Begin with a power-based exercise – The best way to start your muscle-building workout is with a power-based pull or push exercise, such as a heavy bench press, weighted wide-grip pull-ups, incline bench press, or narrow-grip but weighted underhand pull-ups. When you increase your weight, you should decrease your reps in order to build mass.
  • Push to exhaustion – Perform a pushing exercise that you can control even when you reach the point of fatigue. You need to keep pushing until you exhaust a particular muscle group. You can do pushups or dumbbell presses, completing as many reps as your body can tolerate. Rest for a minute and do another round in order to thoroughly break down your muscles. Exhausting your muscles will help build mass and improve definition.
  • Complete two supersets – Forget about bulking up and focus instead on leaning out through exhaustive supersets that will tear leftover muscle fibers. This will force your body to repair itself and become stronger.
  • Sleep and recover – Get to bed on time at the end of the day to allow your body to resynthesize your muscles while you sleep. Sleep for a minimum of seven hours. Don’t worry about hitting the gym twice a day. Overtraining will consume so many calories that that there won’t be much left for muscle building.
  • Power up with protein – Increase your protein to support the building of muscle fiber. Your protein intake should constitute about 40 percent of your daily calorie consumption. Keep your fat and carbohydrate intake to 30 percent each, with 85 percent of your carbohydrates coming from vegetables and fruits and complex carbs.

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