Working out could become frustrating if you see very little gain after months of intensive training. If you would like to see more progress than you’re currently seeing, you may not have to overhaul your entire routine. Often, it only takes small tweaks to your workout regimen to jumpstart big gains.

Build Muscle Faster

(Pixabay / 3dman-eu)

Try the following tips to help accelerate improvement:

  • Set strength goals – Many bodybuilders focus on gaining a number of pounds within a certain period, which may or not be doable. Instead of focusing on the scale, focus on incremental strength gains.
  • Keep a food journal – As you monitor your strength training, keep an eye on your nutrition as well. You can maximize your strength when you pair your physical routine with enough nutritious calories. Keep a food journal so you can track what you are eating in relation to the way you are training.
  • Focus on compound exercises – Compound exercises use more than one joint at a time. Compound lifts involve more muscle mass which can lead to more efficient training resulting in the release of more hormones such as testosterone. Testosterone promotes muscle growth.
  • Get more sleep – Recovery is important for your muscles. The best way for your muscles to recover is by sleeping more. Try to go to sleep 30 minutes earlier than your normal bedtime or snatch a catnap during the day.
  • Drink a shake during training – It is important to pay attention to pre and post-workout nutrition, but many people find it beneficial to take in nutrients during a workout. Drinking a shake made of protein and carbs while working out allows you to sneak in some extra calories without having to eat a regular meal.
  • Work each muscle multiple times per week – Many bodybuilding programs divide exercises according to different segments of the body. That means that if you start with legs, you might not circle back to them for quite a few days. When you lift weights for specific muscle groupings, switch to full-body workouts after each session. This will allow you to work all your important muscles more often.

As you change up different parts of your exercise routine, consider adding muscle-building supplements, such as NO Max Shred, that will help you gain muscle faster. NO Max Shred enhances the production of nitric oxide in the blood to support muscle growth, performance and strength. Increasing your levels of nitric oxide allows you to achieve more during training.