If your goal is to have broad, muscular shoulders and a narrow mid-section, you should focus on doing exercises for your back instead of just concentrating on your abs and legs. Pull-ups are an exercise that can help in strengthening and defining the back and the shoulders. Pull-ups are beneficial to both men and women.

Do more pull ups

(Pixabay / Pavel-Jurca)

Do you wish you could do more pull-ups? Here are some exercise that can help:

  • Assisted pull-ups – Pull-ups will be a lot easier if you put your feet in a Beachbody Chin-up Max band or on a chair that will help offset the weight of your body. While your feet are planted on an object, your body weight is somewhat offset, making your pull-up less strenuous. This will be a good start for beginners.
  • Lat pull-downs – While using a lat pull-down machine, sit down and pull the bar to your collarbone. Slowly raise the bar back up, and repeat the steps. Do not attempt to pull down behind your head because it could damage your neck and shoulders.
  • Negative pull-ups – You can do this exercise by lowering yourself down from the bar. Start by putting your chin over the bar by standing up on something. From that position, lower yourself slowly all the way down. If you let gravity take over, you will be pulled down fast but you need to slow your descent so that it takes at least five seconds.
  • Bent over row – This exercise also improves your biceps. Start from a bending position, supporting your lower back by putting your hand and knee on a firm surface such as a bench. Place the dumbbell in the opposite hand and pull it towards your chest while following a rowing motion.

These exercises can help you achieve that perfect “inverted-triangle” figure. Your success will depend on how much effort you put into your exercises. To maintain intensity, complement your workout with NO Max Shred. The muscle supplement improves blood flow by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in your body. NO Max Shred fuels your body past its normal limits in order to optimize your training.