Armed Forces Day is celebrated on May’s third Saturday. The day is intended to pay tribute to the men and women who have rendered their services to this country. The members of the armed forces are willing to offer the ultimate sacrifice in order to guarantee their fellow citizens freedom and safety.

Train Like an Army Ranger

(Pixabay / DanEvans)

The armed forces have rigorous physical standards. Soldiers need to train hard, both to get in shape and to stay in shape. Troops must be in top condition when they are confronted by the many variables of their missions, particularly in combat. A soldier must be quick and agile and strong enough to carry a fellow soldier out of harm’s way. A soldier’s ability to perform physically may mean the difference between life and death.

The Army Rangers is one of the elite units of the U.S. military. The Rangers have designed an intense physical training program, called Mountain Athlete Warrior. The program combines different fitness styles to produce a well-rounded athlete. Here’s a closer look at the specifics of the three-week program:

  • Week 1 – The initial focus is on stability. The program increases in intensity with the addition of instability exercises, such as dangling kettle bells using elastic bands or doing one-legged movements that compromise balance.
  • Week 2 – This week is all about strength building. Soldiers are asked to do exercises on unstable surfaces, carrying weights as heavy as they can handle.
  • Week 3 – The final week is centered on conditioning. The weights are not as heavy, but the exercises involve a lot of repetition and endurance. Examples include dragging a sled for two minutes or 50 repetitions of box squat sets.

The MAW system employs different training concepts from powerlifting, CrossFit, and bodybuilding. Each part of the program serves to make participants strong and powerful—like warriors.

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