International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Be bold for change.” The movement calls on people to unite in favor of greater gender equality and against all forms of violence against women.

Female Body Builders

(Pixabay / Sapper_Designs)

Over the years, the wide gap that separates men’s and women’s rights has narrowed considerably. While there is still much room for improvement, women today have staked out a greater claim in formerly male-dominated arenas–including politics, economics, sports, and business.

While we do not see equal billing for some women’s sports, there is reason for hope. We continue to see greater participation from females in a broad range of sports activities. You can observe this to some degree in the gym—an area that used to tilt heavily in favor of men. Today, gyms are often populated by equal numbers of men and women. And many women today do not shy away from hard core workouts. Women often workout alongside men, hefting heavy weights and enduring grueling cardiovascular workouts.

Though body building used to be primarily a man’s world, women have entered the scene. Here are some of the women who have made a big splash in body building.

  • Brooke Holladay is a blue-eyed blond who is relatively new to the sport. However, she has already won two competitions and is favored to continue to excel. Holladay is also an accomplished gymnast and dancer.
  • Erica Cordie started bodybuilding to rehabilitate her injured knee after a ski accident. She soon found herself hooked on the sport.
  • Moorea Wolfe is an Arizona girl who has been training and participating in bodybuilding competitions since age 19. She started out dancing and doing gymnastics before moving on to fitness competitions. She works on the side as a personal trainer.
  • Jennifer Rish is a California native who was a kick boxer and gymnast in her late teens and 20s. Today, she is a nurse and a fitness model and regularly takes part in body building competitions.

These women have been hard-working and courageous in their quest to thrive in the world of body building. In doing so, they have smoothed the path for the female body builders of tomorrow and beyond.