Next to air, water is the most important life-sustaining element. You can survive for several weeks without food, but you will die in a matter of days without water. Staying hydrated is important for survival and health. It is also an important component of muscle growth. In their quest to build more muscles, most bodybuilders are aware of the importance of training regularly, getting sufficient protein and calories, and resting. They may overlook another important element, however: water.

Importance of Water for Muscles

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The greatest portion of human body weight is made up of protein and water, with water comprising around 65 percent. A person who weighs 190 pounds is carrying approximately 123 pounds of water. It is important to drink the right amount of fluids each day in order to sustain optimal body weight.

Training while dehydrated will decrease both your strength and muscle size. Water can help ward off muscle cramps, improve the strength of muscle contractions, and help your muscles respond faster.

Loss of Energy

When you are dehydrated, the levels of your blood volume drop, leading to dizziness and fatigue. When you train when you are tired, you increase the risk of injuring yourself. You should never train when you are tired.

Body Temperature

Your normal body temperature is around 37° Celsius. Your body regulates its temperature by transferring heat from your muscles to the water in your body. The skin excretes the heated water in the form of sweat. Sweating accounts for approximately 80 percent of the metabolic heat removed from your body.

Amount of Water Needed

The amount of water you need to drink each day is a controversial subject. The standard prescription is eight glasses per day. However, this will not likely be enough for serious muscle builders. The standard prescription may be fine for the average person, but if you workout intensely, you should drink a liter of water for every 1,000 calories that you lose exercising.