We sweat away at the gym in order to build muscle tone. Most of us are in search of that trim, toned body with bulging muscles in place of flab. But muscles do more than just make us look good. They’re also important to good health.

Muscle Mass Benefits

(Pixabay / PinSharp)

Here are just a few of the benefits of muscle mass to our overall health:

  • Skeletal muscle is metabolically active – Build more muscles, and your metabolic process will be in overdrive, burning enough calories to prevent you from gaining weight. When you work your muscles hard, your body will burn more calories during the recovery process. For many hours after you exercise, your metabolism will be in overdrive.
  • Building and strengthening skeletal muscles fortifies key body tissues – The risk of injury can be significantly minimized when you strengthen your bones, tendons, and ligaments. With enough muscle mass to keep your body fortified, you will be less likely to get injured when you engage in rigorous activities such as contact sports.
  • Muscles support cardio performance – Skeletal muscles are responsible for body movements. Work the skeletal muscles, and you will also work your cardiovascular system, which will burn more calories and improve your stamina.
  • Skeletal muscles help you live longer – Studies have shown a correlation between muscle mass and longevity.
  • More skeletal muscles mean more insulin receptor sites – Having more insulin receptors will enable your body to minimize fat and stay lean.
  • Skeletal muscle can improve your posture.
  • Muscle mass makes everyday activities easier – Building muscles will give you strength to perform the many activities that life requires, such as lifting, pushing, bending and stretching.

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