Exercising with barbells offers plenty of benefits. Unlike certain gym workouts that require special and expensive equipment for each exercise, barbells are cheap and easy to procure. You can perform different exercises using a basic bar coupled with a set of weights and a simple workout bench. Barbell exercises do not require big rooms. They can be performed in the gym or at home.

Benefits of Barbells

(Pixabay / Kantasimo)

Barbell exercises are helpful in stabilizing a full range of muscles in the body’s main muscle groups. This allows the little muscles, which are often ignored, to keep up with the bigger muscles.

Required Equipment

Barbell exercises use a straight metal bar with weight plates on both ends. Some barbell sets let you alter the weight configuration while others do not have that option. Rather than a fixed-weight barbell set, opt for an alternative that you can configure on your own. This will give you the freedom to add more weight as you progress in your training.

In addition to the barbell set, you will need a sturdy workout bench equipped with barbell support. This will be useful when you perform bench presses and other exercises that require you to sit or lay down.

Common Techniques

Good posture is recommended when you perform barbell exercises. Note that barbells do not offer the same support as gym machines. Use caution. Keep good form rather than swaying around or bending your body. You could be transferring the burden of the weight to other muscle groups, rendering the exercises inefficient and even useless.

Note that barbell exercises are associated with a very high risk of injury. The risk stems from the fact that your body is not in a fixed position. Good posture throughout the duration of each barbell exercise will help you avoid damaging your body. It is also important to be extra careful in picking up the barbell off the ground and lowering it after use.