If you keep going to the gym and still have not achieved your desired results, you might be doing something wrong. Surprisingly, mistakes are common in strength training. It is time for you to learn what some common errors are.

Strength Training Mistakes

1. Using inappropriate weights. Weights that are too light will not give you bigger and stronger muscles. Weights that are too heavy for you will not allow you to get the right amount of repetitions, rendering the gains minimal.

2. Not knowing technique. Technique is more important than the quantity of weight you’re lifting. Know the proper technique for each exercise that you’re working on.

3. Premature addition of weight. You might think that a good way of gaining mass is to add more weight to what you are pumping at the present. The right thing to do is to incrementally add weight so that your muscles can build up a resistance without injury.

4. Ignoring safety measures. Ignoring your health is one mistake that brings you back again to proper techniques of lifting iron. Ignoring health measures could lead to injury. And injury leads to downtime. Downtime means no gains.

5. Doing the wrong exercises. You will not get big muscles by targeting the wrong areas. The right thing to do is to focus your energy on doing compound exercises like chin ups, rowing, dipping, bench press, deadlifts, leg press, and squats. If you can stay focused on just these exercises, you will achieve the results you have long desired.

6. Working your muscles more often than resting it. You might think that by going to the gym every day will give you results. Wrong. You need to get some rest in there. The time off will allow your muscles to relax, expand, and grow bigger. You need as much rest as you do workout time.