Father’s Day is coming up on the third Sunday of June. It’s a great excuse to spend some time with our dads and reflect on the contributions of fathers and father figures in our lives. Dads plan an indispensable role in the family. The words fathers speak have a profound impact, but perhaps even more significant is a father’s example.

Show Kids the Value of Fitness

(Pixabay / Olichel)

Fathers can exemplify many things—honesty, diligence, kindness, dedication. They can also set a pattern of physical fitness for their children to follow. Dads can make a regular habit of working out—either at home or at the gym. This will not only bolster a father’s health, but it will also show his children the importance of consistent exercise.

Here are just a few dads who have exhibited a deep commitment to fitness in the field of bodybuilding:

  • Ronnie Coleman – A cum laude graduate with an accounting degree, Coleman started his career as a police officer in Arlington, Texas. He attended a local gym and was convinced to train for the Mr. Texas bodybuilding competition, which he handily won. From there, he participated in and won 26 bodybuilding titles, including eight Olympic titles.
  • Dennis James – The son of a military man, James started bodybuilding at the age of 18. He had an impressive career although he did not win many titles like other famous bodybuilders. His greatest achievement was to maintain his remarkable physique as he aged.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – Even if you are not familiar with bodybuilding, you likely recognize this name. The famous Schwarzenegger starred in many movies and became California’s governor. Born in Austria, he won the Mr. Universe title at age 20. He accumulated countless titles through his years of competing. His son, Patrick, is following in his dad’s footsteps and is now in training to become a bodybuilder.
  • Gunter Schlierkamp – This European bodybuilder is from Germany and was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He won his first competition at age 28 and held the Mr. Universe title in 1993. He also entered the fields of acting and modeling.
  • Kai Greene – Greene was introduced to competitive bodybuilding by his seventh-grade teacher and started on the teen circuit. He became a pro before he turned 19 and worked hard for many years to become one of the buff athletes of the IFBB.

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to show your children the value of fitness. Doing exercise of any form on a regular basis shows your kids that staying healthy should be a high priority.