Phenom Health is a respected name in the health and wellness industry. The company announces that its board members are considering rebranding one of its best-sellers, NO Max Shred, to compliment Valentine’s Day. The rebranding is intended to further increase NO Max Shred’s market share.

NO Max Shred is a muscle-enhancing supplement for men. Phenom Health released NO Max Shred to the market in Q1 2016, and right away it made a positive impact on the company’s sales. Its beneficial ingredients include arginine to enhances the production of nitric oxide (NO) in the blood.

Nitric Oxide is a gas that’s already produced in the body. It allows cells to communicate information with each other, ultimately controlling the circulation of blood in the body’s veins to support muscle growth, performance and strength. In order for the body to produce nitric oxide, enzymes break down the amino acid called arginine – the active ingredient in NO Max Shred. Increasing arginine can result in increased production of nitric oxide, resulting in an improved anaerobic threshold. This translates to better muscle building and better physical performance potential.

The quarter-by-quarter sales of Phenom Health dramatically increased since the introduction of NO Max Shred. The company’s board members want to further increase NO Max Shred’s market share by considering a rebranding of packages to compliment the observance of Valentine’s Day, as well as considering the same for other holidays.

“Physical fitness is an important factor in maintaining attractiveness to your significant other. We want to give importance to the observance of Valentine’s Day by having NO Max Shred’s packaging compliment the celebration,” says Tiffany Dawson, Vice President of Product Development. She continues. “You will be able to give your loved one the gift of prime muscle support through natural ingredients to support a toned and muscular physique.”

Give a gift of NO Max Shred this Valentine’s Day. To learn more about Phenom Health’s best seller or to place an order, visit