One way of eliminating the extra weight you may have accumulated in winter is to train outside as the weather warms up. Exercising in your home or at the gym during the long winter can get tedious. Training outdoors gives you the opportunity to exercise in the fresh air against the backdrop of vibrant scenery.

Outdoor Fitness Ideas for Summer

(Pixabay / Wokandapix)

The following are some of the best outdoor workouts you can perform to build your muscles:

  • Hill-sprint workout – Sprinting uphill provides a powerful workout that will burn many calories in a short period of time. Running at an incline strengthens your entire body by requiring it to battle gravity.
  • Sand-sprint session – If you live near a beach, take advantage of the sand to perform the same exercises you would normally do on a stable surface. Exercising in the sand will allow you to exert more effort, as your weight tends to sink in the sand.
  • Strength-building sandbag workout – Resistance-training will increase your performance and improve your strength. Instead of using dumbbells or barbells, use sandbags.
  • Jump rope conditioner –While often underrated as a workout activity, jumping rope could be the perfect warmup for any exercise routine. Jumping rope improves your coordination and allows you to burn a high quantity of calories.
  • Monster medicine ball workout – Use a medicine ball as you exercise outside. You can combine a medicine ball clean and toss challenge and throw-sprint ball slams. Make sure you perform the exercise on an open field, preferably with nobody around. You could hurt other people with your medicine ball if your aim is off.
  • Killer kettlebell workout – Using a 20-pound kettlebell, perform different exercises that you typically do at the gym. You can start with a kettlebell squat hold with a single-arm overhead press. Follow it up with kettlebell swing walks, a kettlebell renegade row, lunge wood chops, and dirt digger throws.
  • Resisted-sprint routine – Adding weight to the body while running provides an extra challenge, allowing you to burn more calories and improve your strength. Try something as simple as putting on a backpack filled with a couple weights before heading out to the track.

Add some pizazz to your workout by taking it outdoors. And if you are looking to take your workout up a notch, try taking muscle-building supplements like NO Max Shred to maximize lean muscle and promote strength and endurance.