If you want one of the best organic muscle building supplements to support your desire to develop bigger and stronger muscles, NO Max Shred is for you. The results it supports pushed NO Max Shred towards the top of the best muscle supplements. The manufacturing company, Phenom Health, has already exceeded its sales goals for the year and there’s still Q4 left.

With NO Max Shred, Phenom Health made its official entry into the highly competitive men’s health supplement market. NO Max Shred works by increasing the amount of Nitrogen Oxide produced by the body to develop bigger muscles. The body has innate Nitrogen Oxide which facilitates the cells to work together and promote better blood flow. To produce more Nitrogen Oxide, the amino acid, arginine has to be broken down by the body’s enzymes. Arginine is found in NO Max Shred and it helps the body augment its production volume of Nitrogen Oxide. With more Nitrogen Oxide produced, your body has the potential to perform better and develop bigger muscles.

Customers have given positive and favorable remarks since the product was introduced this year. Phenom Health saw NO Max Shred raise their sales figures by almost fifty percent compared to their expectations. The remarkable sales figures for the summer are an indication that the customers are more than satisfied with the product. The company feels confident that the success will continue to show better results in Q3.

Tiffany Dawson, Vice President of Product Development, remarks “2016 has been a positive year for our product. NO Max Shred performed far better from what we forecasted. We owe it all to all of our customers for showing their support from the day we launched it. We have doubled our production to make sure we keep up with the demands for Q4.”