Phenom Health is a top manufacturer of dietary supplements and a leader in the health and wellness industry. One of its premiere products, muscle-building supplement NO Max Shred, helped the company beat first quarter sales forecasts, largely because of a recent Valentine’s Day promotion.

NO Max ShredPhenom Health launched the promotion to make NO Max Shred and other popular health products available to a wider audience. Phenom Health specializes in supplements that help customers achieve an optimal physique and a balanced, happy lifestyle.

NO Max Shred, one of Phenom Health’s flagship products, contains arginine, which helps increase nitric oxide (NO) production in the body. Nitric oxide can improve blood flow and support better muscle growth and endurance. NO Max Shred allows users to improve their anaerobic threshold and achieve better athletic performance.

Phenom Health executives launched a holiday promotion in time for the celebration of Valentine’s Day, aware that people want to look and feel their best for this romance-themed holiday. The promotion resulted in unprecedented sales volume for NO Max Shred, allowing Phenom Health to outpace its first quarter sales projections.

“The Valentine’s Day promotion of NO Max Shred is one of the most successful specials we have launched so far,” said Tiffany Dawson, Vice President of Product Development for Phenom Health. “We feel that people are eager for products like NO Max Shred to help them get the most out of their workout and achieve the physique they’ve been dreaming of.”