Fat, especially around your waist, raises your risk of getting serious illnesses. Fat influences your heart health and the chances of getting type 2 diabetes. In addition, carrying extra weight around can affect your sense of well-being and make you feel self-conscious.

Melt Body Fat

(Freeimages / Geo Christian)

If you want to look and feel healthier, try the following to reduce body fat:

  • Hydrate – Water can help expedite the fat-burning process. The liver is the organ that processes fat, and it functions best when it is well-hydrated. Dehydration bogs down the fat-burning process and also negatively affects joints and muscles.
  • Trash the crash diet – Crash diets may promise to remove body fat fast, but the results won’t last long. The moment you start eating regular food, you’ll yo-yo back to where you were before. In the meantime, your crash diet will have deprived you of essential nutrients that the body needs.
  • Eat frequently – This may come as a surprise to many, but eating modest amounts of high quality food several times a day gives your metabolism a boost, resulting in more fat loss.
  • Lift more – Doing many reps with lighter weight will not build as much muscle. Lifting heavier weight, on the other hand, will put additional stress on the muscles, promoting muscle mass. Greater muscle mass can help with fat burning.
  • Eat right before and after workouts – Eating after a workout is important for muscle recovery, build-up, and re-energizing. However, it is not only the post-workout meal that is important. You need to eat quality meals before you train.
  • Do compound lifts – Compound movements will enable you to lift heavier weight that will create a higher metabolic and hormonal response. This can help you burn more fat during your workout.
  • Do cardio – Performing cardio after working with weights may increase your fat-burning potential as the body burns its stored glycogen.
  • Shorten rest periods – Keep training hard and heavy with the shortest rest periods possible. This maximizes your workout efforts and will let you burn more body fat.
  • Sleep more – Adequate sleep is essential for efficient fat burning. People who don’t sleep enough are prone to have slower metabolisms. They may also be low in testosterone, a hormone that affects many aspects of health, including fat burning.
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Reducing body fat will boost your health as well as your confidence as you take pride in your muscular and well-toned body.