The use of social media has somehow made an impacted on the eating habits of ordinary citizens. As food enthusiasts discover all kinds of food from various popular restaurants and share it with friends and family via food posts, and with the recovery of the economy, people are eating out more.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying a good meal. However, eating out too much and not exercising enough is a problem. Social media contributes there, too, by making many of us lazy and wasting away hours on social media.

In recognition of National Cholesterol Education Month, here are some ways to lower your cholesterol levels:

  • Increase your intake of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is present in food such as fruits, beans, oats, whole wheat, barley and others. The fiber found in these foods may lower your LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein) levels otherwise known as bad cholesterols by binding to the cholesterol. The recommended amount of fiber is about 30 grams per day.
  • Exercise. HDL (High-density Lipoprotein) or the good cholesterols can be increased through exercising. Regular exercise can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack by 25%. Even simple activities such as regularly walking or biking can make a difference in improving your cholesterol levels. To maximize your time in the gym, don’t forget NO Max Shred for big-time pumps.
  • Red yeast rice. It is a dietary supplement from a fungus commonly found in rice. It contains lovastatin which may help lower cholesterols.
  • Low-fat diet. A very effective way of decreasing risks of high cholesterol is by watching what you eat. Try to consciously stick to a low-fat diet. Choose fish and vegetables over a slab of ribs. Simple food choices can significantly affect your overall health.
  • Vitamin B, specifically Niacin, is associated with lowering fats, triglycerides, and LDL levels. It can also increase your HDL levels.

The best way to deal with problems with cholesterol is to prevent it. As much as possible, be cautious of the foods you eat. Eating in restaurants does not mean making unhealthy choices. You can opt to make small changes today and improve your health for the long term.