Are you interested in turning your flabby tummy into the washboard abs that you have always dreamed of? Look no further than NO Max Shred’s favorite exercises listed below. All the exercises are designed to target the abdominal muscles you need to get those cuts and definitions and have your body ready for the beach this summer.

Turn Flab to Abs

The reason these exercises are our favorite is because you have to do them boot camp style. There are three exercises involved and you need to do them for thirty seconds each without any rest until you consume a total of 5 minutes of doing everything. Off you go!

  1. Mountain Climbers. Start in the plank position with your weight supported by your arms and your legs fully extended. Put one foot in front of the other and then do the same for the other foot. Do this as fast as you can for thirty seconds. This will target your lower abdominal muscles.
  2. Plank. The plank position is where you position yourself as if you are going to do some push-up exercises. However, you are going to hold this position for about 30 seconds. As you do this, you need to tuck in your belly button area. You will feel your abdominal muscles burn while doing this. This will also target your back muscles which when fully developed will also contribute to stronger abdominal muscles.
  3. Knee to Elbow Crunches. Lay your back flat on the ground with hands clasps behind your head. Raise your knees at a ninety-degree angle. From that position, raise your upper body up until your elbows and knees touch each other. Again do this repeatedly for thirty seconds. This part of the exercise routine will target both lower and upper abdominal muscle groups.

For better results, you can actually do these exercises with more repetitions. What are you waiting for? Load up on NO Max Shred and hit the gym.