There are some types of foods that have a positive effect on stamina and endurance like carbohydrates, caffeine, and sugar. Unfortunately, there are those that are found on the other side of the fence.

Foods with negative effect on endurance and stamina

1. Avocados are so delicious! There is no arguing about that. However, it affects your stamina and endurance because it contains a high amount of fat and fiber. This is not your ideal food if you want to maximize your workout. Avocados are better for after workout because of its recuperative ingredients like vitamin B.

2. Dairy products are also a no-no before working out. The thing with dairy products is that these are not very easy to digest. The sugars itself take a lot of time to digest and this might cause you to experience an upset stomach.

3. Artificial Sweeteners. Alcohol-based sweeteners like xylitol and maltitol are hard for the body to digest. These types of sweeteners are commonly found in sodas and ironically, energy drinks. This is not the type of sugar that you want to have before a workout.

4. Dried fruits. Fruit is good for you, but its high fiber content may cause you gastrointestinal problems while working out. This is just like the problems of eating avocado can do. The fibers in dried fruits are also not soluble. You don’t want gas messing up your reps, right?

5. High-fat foods. These foods take a lot of time to digest. Avoid high-fat foods prior to working out and only eat healthy fat foods after.

6. Alcohol. This is the number one eliminator of stamina and endurance when you plan on working out. In fact, alcohol stays in the system for quite a long time. Alcohol has the opposite effect of caffeine where it slows down the nervous system and makes you feel sluggish, which is not good for working out.